Saturday, October 17, 2009

Almost plastered

Been a good 6 weeks since I last blogged - we have been flat out!

The outside of the house has been clad in polystyrene panels and rendered in the chosen colours, lots of people, including other trades, have commented on the quality of the rendering job -

We plastered the void so that the stairs will be able to go in - it's an incredible space, with 5.1 metre high ceilings -

We've installed insulation in the ceilings and every external and internal wall -

We decided to install velux skylights in the end of the living room to bring more light into it -

And installed a skytube in the kitchen ceiling which goes all the way to the roof of the house. Here is the rather unusual view looking straight up it -

Next - plastering!


  1. aha, there's that weird pic from Home1 !!!
    a few people guessed skytube!

    Place is looking amazing, ext colours - brilliant!

  2. James, it look just brilliant! You must be so proud of it all.

  3. Saw your posts on the homeone forums... You must already be living in the house by now, although I know work is never completed :) So how's the climate control in the EPS house? Is it really that cool in summer and warm in winter? I love the idea of a steel frame with EPS cladding, but I've been wondering if having no thermal mass it (i.e. concrete) will make it less efficient at self-regulation?

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