Friday, June 26, 2009

Floors and walls!

The build has moved on pretty quickly this week. The red tongue floorboards took a day to put down on the ground floor trusses. Note the piles of walls waiting to be put up in the background -

Then the walls started to go up very quickly indeed -

By the end of the day all the ground floor walls were up except for a few minor ones. This is the view looking into the front door -

The house from the back garden -

The living room -

The dining room, with it's great view of the site toilet and the water tank! -

Grandad's downstairs bedroom suite -

The last two days the top floor trusses have been put on top of the walls. Note the floorboards for the top floor which were craned up today -

Next week - the top floor!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Installing the sub-floor plumbing, heating and insulation

The sub floor has been completed, and the sewer, storm water charged system and underfloor insulation have been installed.

A busy day on site -

Heating and Cooling ducts, sewer and charged system installed -

Miss Moneypenny taping the foilboard sub-floor insulation -

The completed insulation, ready for the structural particleboard to go on top. The parts without foilboard are exterior decks -


Saturday, June 6, 2009

The start of the steel

We've had a week of subfloor installing and structural steel.

Here's the subfloor starting to be laid -

and here is the subfloor and structural steel almost finished. -

Just a small amount to finish off next week, then the plumber will be back to start roughing in the ground floor sewer.