Saturday, August 8, 2009

Roof on! Windows in!

The roof is on - here is a picture of the fall protection for the roof before it went on -

The roof on our house is invisible from the ground - here's Miss Moneypenny taking a look before the fall protection came down and the opportunity was lost!

Meanwhile I got on with fitting the window frames. These have to be exactly square, plumb and level otherwise the windows won't open -

After I had fitted the frames the window manufacturers came to glaze them. Here's the view from the rear of the house of the glazed windows -

And here's a picture of the living room with it's fantastic sliding doors out on to the alfresco -

I've also been doing a number of other jobs needed before the cladders can start, I've learned how to sheet a balcony floor, how to do flashing and how to install blue board.

Next week - exterior doors!