Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flashing, Vaccing and Cladding.....

Latest update.....

I installed the flashing round the perimeter of the house for the cladding to sit on. My number one concern is keeping water out of the house, so there was a lot of flashing (oo-er missus) -

The front door and other exterior doors are in -

and everything was ready for the cladders to start work. Soon the garage was filled with cladding panels -

and the scaffolding went up and the cladders started work

They flashed off round all the exterior windows and doors, and the detail round the windows is pretty good, with a fall for drainage -

Meanwhile on the inside of the house I was busy fitting the ducted vac. This takes one day, it's pretty easy but you are up and down stepladders 1 million times -

The cladders completed the whole house within 1 week, and we were at that point pretty much watertight.

I also cut a hole for the cat flap. Please note this is not an actual cat looking through the hole, it is the picture on the cat flap box

Next job - rendering!